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About a year ago Happymodel introduced the mobula7, a 75x brushless whoop that quickly become very popular as it bought impressive performance to the table for a very reasonable price. Since then, Happymodel have released a few other quads like the Mobula7 HD which brings back some customer support nightmares for us (the first version of this was basically a time-bomb as it used an under rated ESC for the motors). They then released two toothpick class quads, the Sailfly which was meh, and the larva X which although decent, did not realy stand out. But its the end of 2019 and Happymodel have released a new 65x brushless whoop, and on paper it seems ideal, read on to find out what we think.


Happymdel have been working away on another toothpick style quadcopter (Larva X), and a new whoop flight controller (crazybee V3). Lets take a look at them in some more details.

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