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If you are shopping for a new set of FPV box goggles, you are probably considering either the new FXT Viper, or the EV900.  Both these goggles are of a new refraction style design that reduces eye strain significantly over traditional box goggles.   In this guide, I will give my opinions on both and also compare them to the current king of box goggles, the EV800D.


… Two steps back?

The EV900 is the latest iteration released by Eachine into the box-style FPV goggle space – but is it any better than their previous releases, such as the popular EV800D model? Are these finally the no-compromises box goggle we’ve been waiting for? Read on to find out! We’ve included a quick summary for those in a rush, but don’t despair detail-lovers! There’s more below.


When it comes to selecting a receiver module for your FPV goggles, the usual recommendation is to use the True-D or LaForge modules – they offer great performance for a reasonable price. On the budget end you can pick up a Pro58 module from Eachine for much less money (about 1/3 the cost), which is fine, but the problem is that the firmware included with the pro58 (although a lot better than the first versions) is still a bit lacking in terms of both performance and features. However, after you install new firmware onto it, the pro58 can definitely hold it’s own against the more expensive options. This is very impressive considering you could buy 3 Eachine pro58 modules for the cost of a single true-D module!


If you asked, just about everyone (including us) would suggest a beginner start with the Wizard X220 from Eachine.  The first wizard offers a great balance between performance and price.  The Wizard X220S added some new components, giving the S version more performance, but at a higher cost.  Now it is about 6 months later and they have released an all-new Wizard in the form of the Wizard TS215, but does it still retain the magic of the previous wizards?  Read more to find out.


The original lizard 95 was a great little quadcopter since it was small, fast and was cheap to buy.  So the new upgraded version is a bit bigger at 105mm, and more expensive.  The new lizard packs a whole lot of new tech such as an F4 Flight controller with floating IMU box, and a Dshot 600 28A 4in1 ESC.  These are all great, but what separates the new lizard from the crowd is the fact that it rocks a 720p DVR on a micro quad.. yes you read that correctly.  But does all this tech make for an overpriced, heavy sluggish quad?  Read more to find out!(more…)

Unlike other beginner drones, the Q90C does not rely on a wifi video signal (that has some serious latency issues), but rather a proper 5.8Ghz FPV video feed. Furthermore, you can view this feed in real time thanks to the optional VR006 FPV goggles. On paper, this quadcopter claims to give anyone a taste for true FPV at a low price with no gimmicky button, or lame wifi app. But the question is, does this offer a true taste of FPV for a beginner, and more importantly is it any good?


The wizard X220s takes what we love about the standard Wizard X220 and cranks it up to 11 with impressive performance. This article will help you get your Wizard X220s into the air quickly and also tweak some settings for optimal performance.

The Wizard X220 from Eachine currently holds the title of the best budget drone of the year. Eachine have now released the new Wizard X220S but can the improvements made on this quad dismantle the X220 from its podium? Let’s investigate and find out… (more…)

The best thing about the first generation EV800 headset was the fact that they can convert between FPV googles and a monitor giving you the best of both worlds, hence the name FPV moggle. Now there is a new release which adds DVR functionality and diversity receivers. But does having the dual use functionality mean they are just average at both? (more…)

Don’t be fooled by the size of the Falcon 120, it will easily scare onlookers as you screech past them! The new Falcon 120 is a dangerous combination of new technology that might blow you away if you are new to this field! The Falcon 120 is the most compact quad I have seen in a while with a smart design using a 4-in-1 20A Cicada ESC, SP F3 flight controller and PDB is one tower stack. The stack is sat right in the middle of the frame which offers you great stability while performing those trick and flips! (more…)

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