Yuneec Typhoon H Firmware Update v3.0

The latest major firmware update for the Typhoon H hexacopter has just been released with some impressive new features. This update give the typhoon H even more sophisticated functionality making it even better to use as an aerial photography drone. Some of my personal favorites are the new panorama and time lapse photo modes. Also […]

Pixhawk 2 Delivery Updates

We are all keen to get our hands on the new Pixhawk 2 autopilots which where first scheduled to start shipping on September 28th, but things have been taking much longer than expected mainly due to adverse weather! The good news is that we can expect to have our first batch of Pixhawk 2 boards […]

Will we see FPV Racing as a mainstream sport?

Drones can be used for a wide range of applications but the use that is becoming increasingly popular is FPV Racing. This activity is transforming from one done by hard-core hobbyists in a isolated field or abandoned building to one that is accessible to anyone, of any age. But can FPV Racing go as far […]