FPV Racing Flight Controller Buying Guide

This article will cover the important things you should know about when buying your next flight controller. I know it can be daunting with about 5 new flight controllers being released just about every week. If you just want to know which ones I think are best check out our best overall FPV racing flight […]

Runcam Eagle vs Runcam Swift

This short comparison article takes you through you Runcam Eagle FPV camera and the Runcam Swift FPV camera. Now, both are pretty popular small FPV cameras but there is quite a significant price different between the two (i.e. the Eagle is more expensive by around ยฃ20), so is it worth it?

What is BLHeli_S and why is it better?

The BLHeli developers have released the new code and added the S to set it apart from the base code, the S represents something special.. the next generation of ESC firmware. But what makes BLHeli__S firmware so special and is it worth upgrading yet? And will it actually make a difference to your multirotor flight […]